The Alien Cover Up (Part 1)

For over 50 years, the world has been enthralled by strange tales of alien encounters. Some believe that extra-terrestrial visitors are fact, not fiction. And they claim that a secret government conspiracy is hiding this truth from the public. Did the US military attempt to cover up a UFO encounter on UK soil? Did aliens attack a man in a Scottish forest? Have British scientists really made contact with an alien civilization? And did the UK Government destroy irrefutable UFO evidence? Do you believe in flying saucers? 

For over 70 years we've been gripped by eyewitness accounts of strange sightings and close encounters with what are claimed to be spaceships, and extra-terrestrials...  from beyond our world.     

But could we really be experiencing actual contact with beings from other planets?    

For some, the evidence gathered from sightings around the globe points to only one conclusion. Extra-terrestrials have arrived. Stanton Friedman has investigated UFO encounters for over 50 years. He not only believes that aliens have visited Earth, but he claims that our governments have secretly conspired to cover up this truth. There's a whole secret world out there, top-secret world.   

Friedman and others claim that, behind our backs, top-secret sections of the military are secretly studying UFOs to learn from their advanced alien technologies.  But despite this alleged secrecy, there have been numerous documented incidents of alien encounters.

One of the most famous cited by the conspiracy theorists occurred right here in the UK. People we're observing what appears to be a beam coming out of the ground. This is unreal. Anybody that was a witness... 

1980 was the height of the Cold War. The US Air Force controlled many airfields in the UK, including two on the edge of Suffolk's Rendlesham Forest.  And it was here that it's claimed that the UK's biggest military cover-up of an alien encounter occurred.  It was the night of 26th December 1980. At 3 a.m., base security at Woodbridge Air Force Base saw a strange light in the sky, falling towards Rendlesham Forest. The alarm was raised.

Twenty-six-year-old Sergeant Jim Penniston led the team sent out to investigate what they thought was a crashed aircraft.  What he believes he discovered changed his life forever. The team moved towards a faint light they believed was the crash site.


As the light faded, Sergeant Penniston claims he saw something out of this world.

Giving up the chase, the soldiers returned to base. Fearing ridicule, Penniston didn't disclose his close encounter, reporting only that he saw unidentified lights. But rumors of his team's UFO sighting began to circulate around the base. 

And two nights later, the lights were seen again. This time a larger force was sent to investigate, led by deputy base commander Lieutenant Colonel Halt.  At the site of Penniston's encounter, Halt's team recorded strange indentations in the ground, and detected abnormal radiation readings. Then they too saw the light. Colonel Halt recorded everything that happened.  Straight ahead, in between the trees.


There it is again. “We see strange strobe light flashes to the, uh...  Probably sporadic, but there's something there, some kind of phenomenon.  We're seeing strange lights in the sky. There it is. Yeah, I see it too. What is it?  We don't know, sir. There's something very, very strange. It's coming this way.  It is definitely coming this way. Now we're observing what appears to be a beam coming out of the ground.  This is unreal. “ That was their conversations during the occurrence of the phenomenon.

When the lights finally disappeared, Halt returned to base a believer. He sent an internal memo up the chain of command, documenting his encounter.   After Colonel Halt reported his sighting, Penniston was ordered to give a detailed description of his own close encounter  to government inspectors. But their response was unexpected.

 According to Penniston, they gave him a cover story and ordered him to suppress the truth. At this point, Sergeant Penniston claims the interrogation took a sinister turn. Agents drugged him to make him forget the whole incident,  explaining why he's been silent about his encounter for years. ergeant Penniston says that it was years before he regained the memories of his close encounter. Both he and Colonel Halt claim the Rendlesham incident  is a huge US Government cover-up of a UFO encounter.     

But why did UFOs choose to land in Rendlesham Forest, and why would the military cover it up?

Conspiracists claim that it's all about nuclear weapons.  They say that there is no coincidence that UFO sightings had shot up after we entered the nuclear era. From an alien perspective, mankind had come of age. 

It's claimed that in the 1980s strategic nuclear weapons were secretly housed at US bases in Britain,  including the two military bases on the edge of Rendlesham Forest,  but it's never been confirmed.  Believers claim that the UFO had come to spy on these munitions.  In his account, Colonel Halt states that the UFO shone a beam onto the hangar where the nukes were allegedly stored.

The conspiracy theorists point to the fact that the US military kept the Rendlesham Forest incident under wraps for over two years. The story of the UFO encounter only hit the headlines in 1983, when Colonel Halt's official memo became the subject of a Freedom of Information request  and the military was forced to release it. 

But skeptics claim that the Rendlesham incident was no close encounter.  They say there is a simple explanation for the strange lights. A lighthouse. Specifically, Orford Ness Lighthouse, on the coast a few miles from the forest. The lighthouse flashes every five seconds,  a fact skeptics say proves there was no UFO  and  It was a structured craft. It was on the ground.  The skeptics also doubt both Penniston's account  of his close encounter with the craft, and the drug-fueled cover-up  because these key revelations were only reported by Penniston  years after the event. None of that was mentioned in 1981.      

Skeptics believe there was another reason for the military covering up the alleged encounter.  If nuclear weapons were secretly kept at the bases, the authorities would have been keen to hush up any incident that cast doubt on the security and integrity of the base defenses. Whether or not the US military were attempting to hide important secrets  remains unknown to this day.

But we now know for a fact that for decades, on both sides of the Atlantic, the military had been secretly studying UFOs.  By the early 1950s, both the US and UK militaries had set up top-secret taskforces to investigate the post-war boom in sightings of unidentified flying objects.  Nick Pope once worked at the heart of the Ministry of Defence's secretive UFO project. The British and US governments' fear was that UFOs were in fact enemy Soviet aircraft.  Concerns about, particularly, what reconnaissance and bomber aircraft the Soviet Union possessed was really a huge question. 

The MoD's UFO project spent decades investigating thousands of reported sightings.  And in 2009, their files were finally declassified. The official line? They never found any evidence of extra-terrestrials.  But some claim the truth is very different.  And that some sightings were never explained.  Around 80% of the sightings could be explained satisfactorily as misidentifications. 

Many ufologists claim that the truth about this five percent  has been known for decades, and that the highest levels of the UK military are covering up alien contact. “That's the kicker here, the difference between secret and top secret, for example.  I do believe that maybe the government knows more than they're letting on”.  Malcolm Robinson has been investigating UFO sightings for over 30 years.  He believes that the absence from the MoD records of certain known UFO encounters points to a continuing conspiracy. 

One such encounter occurred in 1979, in Dechmont Woods, near the town of Livingston in Scotland, when forestry worker Robert Taylor claimed to have been assaulted by extra-terrestrials in broad daylight.  And as he walked down this path, he came to this clearing.  And as he stood there, he was absolutely gobsmacked by what he saw. 

According to his later testimony, hovering above the clearing was a UFO.  He was absolutely transfixed. He's never seen anything like this before. He was absolutely astonished.  And he noticed that parts of the object dematerialized and solidified again.   descended from beneath this object and started rolling across the grass towards him.    And at that point... he lost consciousness. According to Taylor's testimony, when he came to, the UFO was nowhere to be seen.  But he claimed the air was full of a choking gas.  In a daze, Taylor stumbled back to his house and called the police.  When they arrived, they discovered the forestry worker battered and bruised, with torn clothing.

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