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Unbelievable new worlds, planets made of diamond, planets of raining glass, worlds in collision... some plunging into stars... and others that just might harbor life.

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The end is coming. But which cosmic catastrophe will deliver the death blow? Were the Vikings right to fear the frozen apocalypse of an endless winter? Did the Buddhists correctly predict the fiery...

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Can something in space cause animals to be born with two heads? Why were the most fearsome warriors our planet has ever known stopped by a flaming light in the sky?

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Continuation of Part 1 - - - Losing about 10,000 tons of gas every second, this planet is, in effect, evaporating. It looks like a comet with a huge tail stretched out behind it.

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Continuation of Part 1 - - - So what's really going on during a solar eclipse? A solar eclipse occurs when the moon goes exactly, or nearly exactly, between Earth and the sun.

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Astrology, the celestial movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets among the stars, governing our personality and destiny. - Astrology is not just based out of something in the thin air

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Continuation of Page 1 - - - Most scientists believe that an asteroid or comet measuring 6 miles across killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, but few people realize that wasn't the biggest impact...


Continuation of Page 1 - - - But since this new form of astrology ignores the actual position of the constellations, critics say it undermines the whole basis of the ancient system.

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Is there really a face on Mars? Is this the Eye of God? Why is there a giant hexagon on Saturn? - When I first saw these pictures, I thought, How the hell do you get that?