An Innovative DIY Projects

Living Off The Grid and Transform Your Residence Into a Self-Sufficient Homestead

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Set Up Your Backyard Electrical Energy System


Year-Round Self-Sustaining Greenhouse

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How to make a cheap water collection system

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Easy on the Back Horticulture

For people like us, one of the most important feeling is to not having to rely on anyone else for anything. It's the sense of being independent. Independent from the federal government's aid or grocery, charity, energy and utility companies, corporations and also the Grid.
In this program, we will cover subjects in depth such as food preservation, water, medicinal garden, off-grid power, you name it. We wish to put in your hands handy how-to illustrations... very easy to follow, detailed guidance... great tips and  ingenious time-savers. From all the projects you'll find in this program I'm pretty certain you'll definitely find some that are appropriate for your property.
We have actually developed what may well be the most detailed, step-by-step program to transform a normal home or apartment into an independent, self-sufficient homesteader.

Here's just a glance of what you'll see inside:

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How to make a cheap water collection system
I'll additionally reveal you how to make the easiest water collection design and how you can quickly execute it by yourself.
The 7 herbs you will need in your Medicinal Garden
You will likewise find the 7 plants you truly need to have in a medicinal garden and also not just how to look after them, but how to transform them right into tinctures and other various remedies.
Set Up Your Backyard Electrical Power System 
You will additionally discover in minute detail just how to set up one of the most trusted affordable and reliable electrical power system for your home.
24-hour BIO insect control system
No chemicals in your yard. You will discover how to make a computerized 24-hour bio pest control system. As opposed to utilizing pesticides, you can grow all your fruit and vegetables organically by making a small swallow or bluebird residence and a bat shelter.
How to get your own Independent Source of Water
We cover homestead water in depth due to the fact that the life blood of any homestead is a clean and reliable water resource.
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How to get pressurized HOT water with this simple off the grid system
We'll reveal you a simple and also inventive service that you can use in your house to have hot pressurized water.
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The Handy Beehive - Get Your Honey Directly From The Hive
You'll also learn how to establish beehives that will certainly create both fresh honey and help pollinate your plants and trees. 
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Learn how to make a "Year-Round Self-Sustaining Greenhouse" 
You'll  discover how to make a year-round self-sustaining greenhouse regardless of where you reside in America
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The Various other 6 Crops That Can Bring a Bonus Income to a Tiny Homestead
These plants can be your "secret weapon" to a constant profit time after time without much of an effort.
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Easy on the Back Horticulture
Every one of our gardening projects you'll locate inside program is especially designed for individuals with back problems.

And many more....

  • The "Perpetual Mini-Tower” that turns every kitchen scrap you throw out into free and nutritious fertilizer for your plants

  • The Plant you can grow in small interior spaces during winter

  • 75+ DIY Projects For a Self-Sustaining Backyard

  • 50+ Poultry Coop Secrets for a Less Effort Organic Healthy Protein Source

  • The "No-Work Orchard" that will provide all the Vitamins you need

  • The Ultimate Seed Collection and Conservation Guide

  • How to preserved EVERY LITTLE THING your little homestead produced much like our grandparents - without electrical power

This was simply a look of what you'll learn in The Self-Sufficient Backyard : for the Independent Homesteader.

Now You Can!

As long as you have the desire, you do not need any special skills or knowledge. We will provide that. You will learn as you go.

You can also turn this new skill into a profitable venture with ease.

Don't delay another day!

Start your journey today!

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