How To Make Him


"How to criticize a guy he can actually hear?"

"How to use the Shields Down method to make it impossible for him to get defensive and truly listen to you?"

"How to get him to sweep you off your feet?"

There are 3 simple words any type of lady can say to ensure a guy will never ever leave you again...

These 3 words look really simple and easy at first, but if you take look a man straight in his eyes and mention these 3 words...

You'll see a profound change in his eyes ... where all of his defenses come down ... where all his fear vaporizes like water in the sun ... where he lets you in to look at the raw, vulnerable, yet powerful him ... where you turn a "button" in his manly psychology that makes him look at like he's never seen another woman like you...


Do you know what these 3 words are?

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They appear really basic till you understand what they do to a guy's mind...

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Where you'll discover the strange and and the real secret reasons why men pull away even after they come on so very strong at the start.


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